Workers Health Protection Program

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The Worker’s Health Protection Program “in-person appointments and consultations” have now resumed, following the COVID-19 virus and social distancing, which temporarily stopped the program and meeting individuals during the pandemic.

The WHPP Coordinators Mr. Barry Anderson and Mr. Jim Key will be normally available each Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at the USW Local 550 Union Hall, found at 2525 Cairo Road, Paducah KY.

If you need to make an ap privately discuss any of your filed concerns, claims or to schedule a physical or other medical services, you can contact Barry or Jim at the following numbers.

Barry Anderson
(270) 442-3789 Office @ LU Hall,
(270) 994-8247 Cell

Jim H Key
(270) 442-3789 Office @ LU Hall,
(270) 519-6006 Cell

Both WHPP Coordinators will also be at each monthly USEC Retiree’s Luncheons and other regional WHPP Outreach meetings.

If the LU Conference room has been scheduled for other Union needs during the normal meeting days/times on Thursday or Tuesday, both coordinators are more than willing to meet you at any other agreed upon outside public location(s) of your choosing.

Please feel free to contact either of the listed WHPP Coordinators for any questions or help you need.

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