Atomic Energy Workers Council Mtg Fall 2010

The United Steelworkers (USW) Local 550 Legislative Committee is designed to educate selected committee members of legislative & current political issues which may have direct impact upon any, or all of our bargaining units.

Some items which are normally associated with the Legislative & Political Committee are issues such as the annual congressional federal funding of the Department of Energy budget, lobbying DOE Officials both at the Federal, Sate, & Local level,(& programs under EM, NE, & other departments if necessary), legislative action & lobbying with our elected federal Congressional delegation & addressing position items with them,which have an impact, either positive or negative upon our members, State of KY legislative action & lobbying to get the 27 year Nuclear Moratorium Lifted within the State of KY, Central Labor Council activities & items which are directly impacting Labor associations within the State of KY & their actions, support, or fight against legislation which has negative impact upon the working men & women of the middle class.

The USW Local 550 Legislative Committee is currently chaired by USW Local 550 Vice President Jim Key.

The current Local Union Leadership appoints committee members who have exhibited interest in Legislative & Political issues, who can effectively communicate the items,background history & talking points of the issues to other members, the community, & our elected delegations, both State & Federal, & if called upon, the press.

Another sub-set of the Legislative & Political Committee is the Rapid Response Committee.

Current active members involved and representing the Local in the Rapid Response Committee, are Rapid Response Local Union Coordinator Jim “Roy” Rodgers & committee member Tony Vancil.

Please feel free to discuss with your Local Union Leadership if you would like to volunteer your time & abilities, in order to participate in the Local’s Legislative & Political Committee activities & action.