Rapid Response

The USW Rapid Response Committee is designed to actively support various issues affecting USW members across the spectrum of all of the industries represented by the United Steelworkers International Union.

USW Local 550 Rapid Response Coordinator is appointed by the President of Local 550.

Jim “Roy” Rodgers has been selected at the USW Local 550 Rapid Response Coordinator.  Roy selects Committee members for the Rapid Response Committee, with concurrance from the leadership of USW Local 550.

Committee members receive numerous updates from the USW International Rapid Response District 8 Director, Mr Ronnie Watson.  USW Intl Rapid Response Committee holds an annual Rapid Response Conference in Washington, D.C. to learn about labor issues affecting USW members of all represented industries.  The conference holds a 2 day long conference, workshop, & training sessions, which educate the Rapid Response Committee members attending the annual conference about current issues, & talking points on the particular issues.  A 3rd day is spent on Capital Hill with the USW Rapid Response Committee members actively lobbying their respective Congressional delegation on the particular issues directly affecting the members of their Local & District.

In February 2011, USW Local 550 Rapid Response Coordinator Jim Rodgers & Committee member Tony Vancil attended the USW Rapid Response Intl Conference, and subsquently lobbied our Kentucky Congressional delegation on issues directly affecting the units of our Local, with specificity relating to (1) our backing of USEC’s proposal to re-feed depleted uranium tails material, which would (2) provide the return of millioms of dollars to the DOE, allowing (3) that funding to be used for the current D&D Projects at Paducah, which ultimately affects the continued employment of our USW members at the LATA of KY contractor location.   

The USW Local Rapid Response Coordinator & Committee member will present a report of their recent actives at the March Regular Membership Meetings, both at 4:00 & 5:00 p.m. respective meetings.

Please feel free to contact Roy if you are interested in volunteering your time & energy in becoming a member of the USW Local 550 Rapid Response Committee.

Below is a picture of USW Local 550 Rapid Response Coordinator Jim “Roy” Rodgers,Congressman Ed Whitfield, & USW Local 550 Rapid Response Committee member Tony Vancil, after meeting with the Congressman during their recent February 2011 visit.