Membership Contact Information


In order for the USW Local 550 Union Hall to contact laid-off members for employment opportunities, it is imperative that we have each members correct contact information available on file in our directory!  

This includes BOTH the member's correct telephone number (home/cell) and their mailing address.  

In the event you have relocated as a result of being laid-off, or have change your home location, or cell phone number or carrier, and to ensure that we have the current correct information for you,

you need to call the USW Local 550 Union Hall (270-442-3668, Ext. 207) Monday thru Friday, 8:00am until 4:00pm, and inform the Office Manager of your new contact information number, or address in order for us to provide a potential employer with your information, so they can contact you directly for any employment opportunities.

Please do not attempt to email, or use the "Contact Us" section of this website in order to provide us your information.  

Without your correct membership contact information available we cannot guarantee your rights-to-recall.

Thank you for your immediate attention and timely response.