Robby Purcell

Phone: (270) 210-0802

is one of three Trustees of USW Local 550.

Bro. Robby is a 7 year local union member, and is a firefighter at the Four Rivers Nuclear Partership Deactivation Contractor location.

Please feel free to contact Bro. Robby on the Trusteeship of the Local, to discuss any of the issues relating to the Trusteeship of the Local which are outlined in the USW International Consititution, and the Local Union By-Laws, as follows:

“It shall be the duty of the Trustees to have charge of the hall and all property of the Local Union, subject to the direction of the Local Union. They shall audit the books and financial records of the Local Union every three (3) months and give a report of such audit at the next regular Local Union meeting(s). They shall perform such other duties as the Local Union may require, or on any others issues of which he can be of assistance.”