COVID 19 Daily Updates

We will be cancelling all upcoming HAZWOPER Training classes until further notice. 

We will also be taking additional steps in instituting social distancing, possibly cancelling of our April Monthly Executive Board and Regular Membership meetings. 

All issues that need immediate action taken will be dealth with over teleconferencing, therefore limiting the amount of social contact. 

Any other issues will be set aside at the moment until such tiime that normal life and regular order of business can take place. 

A piece of legislation, House Bill (H.B. 6201) was passed by the national House of Representatives on Friday, that would provide paid emergency leave for workers who have tested positive for the COVID 19 virus, for a 30 day period.

EVERYONE needs to call Addision Mitchell (Mitch) McConnell's office (202) 224-2541 on Monday (03/15/20) and demand that

(1) the Senator immediately call this bill up for action to be taken, and

(2) that you implore the Senator to pass and adequately fund this bill in order to get ahead of the curve on this exploding health care epidemic, provide funding for sufficient number of test kits and testing labs to operate 24/7, ensure hospitals have adequate PPE for doctors and nursing staff, while providing the workers of American with paid leave (up to 21 days) both of their hourly wages (so they can buy the necessities for their families) and FMLA in order for some to take care of their family members. 

Lack of previous action by our leaders have only increased the probability that this epidemic has just started, and will explode exponentially if those who are infected cannot self-isolate or quarantine themselves from going to work in order to have a paycheck. 

We believe that this epidemic can drop dramatically if everyone will start social distancing themselves from others, including now having to go to a place of work, where exposure is increased.

We may also insititue a temporary "NO ENTRY"policy at the USW Local 550 Union Hall, in order to decrease potential exposure.

Please check this website daily for any new updates.