WHPP Update

There recently has been some recent confusion and problems in allowing members to have "paid time off work" in connection with the Worker Health Protection Program.  

One of our contractors refused to let workers off work, with pay, to attend one of the WHPP Program elements, resulting in the Local Union filing a National Labor Relations Board charge.  After filing the charge, the Contractor backed up and gave both of the affected employees their vacation/PTO time back, with pay.  

Another new Contractor at the site, wrote the DOE Contracting Officer about paid-time off to fulfill the WHPP Program elements.  The Contracting Officer responded back that "this was an acceptable cost", and as a result is reimbursable to the Contractor.  

If anyone has a problem with their Contractor, or supervisor not letting them off-work to attend any of the WHPP Program elements, please contact the USW Local Union Hall (270) 442-3668.  

We will not stand idle and allow a Contractor to turn it's back on our Cold War members!!!  

For setting up an appointment for the Worker Health Protection Program, please call Mr. Buckley, Mr. Harbison, or Barry "Sun" Anderson at the USW Local 550 Union Hall, at (270) 442-3668, Ext. 2.  

To schedule an appointment for a physical, or scan, please contact one of the numbers below;  


Worker Health Protection Program Physical 1-888-241-1199  


Early Lung Cancer Detection Scan Program 1-866-228-7226  


EEOICPA Resource Center Paducah (270) 534-0599, or Toll Free at 1-866-534-0599