We Call Upon Our Congressional Delegation

United Steelworkers Local 550 President Ms. Donna Steele, received a WARN notification from the Lata-Sharp Contractor today. The notice has provided the announcement of a layoff that could lead up to 214 individuals losing their jobs.  

Fluor Corporation is not by law required to issue a WARN notice, solely because the law requirements and the trigger limit, does not require a notice, although the bulk of the layoffs of the hourly represented employees will be from the Fluor represented group.

The layoffs will occur on, or before October 19, 2017.  In a response to the announced layoffs, the following is a release from Ms. Donna Steele;

As the duly recognized and authorized representative of the highly skilled, well trained, safety conscience workforce at the Fluor Paducah Deactivation Project (former DOE Paducah Gaseous Diffusion facility) the United Steelworkers Local 550 leadership and members call upon our Congressional delegation to intercede with the Department of Energy Secretary & Staff, for the inclusion and assignment of additional available work at the site to be performed by the Four Rivers Nuclear Group/WAI contractors.

"Funding has already been appropriated by Congress for FY 18 to perform the necessary required work scopes, under the auspices and belief that this required work would in fact continue to keep "the best and brightest workforce fully engaged", while achieving regulatory requirements, milestones, and reduction of the contaminated footprint of the site".  

"While we appreciate the Congressional delegations efforts to call upon DOE Secretary of Energy Rick Perry to visit the Paducah site, we submit the immediate and more pressing need for our Congressional delegation to direct DOE to assign additional available work to the Contractors in order to keep our members, our neighbors and friends, and our community stakeholders gainfully employed.  We cannot allow the DOE to reassign any portion of the Paducah funded level, to another DOE site across the nation" stated USW Local 550 President Ms. Donna Steele.