James "Kip" Phillips

I am very sad to report that Kip Phillips, retired USW International Vice President and chair of the union's Atomic Energy Workers Council, passed away Thursday morning.

Kip headed the atomic sector since his days as a vice president of the Oil, Chemical & Atomic Workers union. He continued his work and dedication to our nuclear brothers and sisters after OCAW merged with the Paperworkers to form PACE and when PACE merged with the Steelworkers.

Kip was deeply committed to our atomic members. He helped them negotiate contracts and maneuver the politics between the DOE, its contractors and the Federal Government.

He always said at meetings that the DOE and its contractors--- who went from government service to work for a DOE contractor or vice-versa--- were like riders on a carousal: They just changed horses.

Kip helped our atomic locals make gains within the sector for many years, and successfully mentored USW International Vice President Carol Landry when she was appointed to chair the council upon Kip's retirement.

Kip was down-to-earth and never forgot his rank-and-file roots. I enjoyed working with him immensely and I know the atomic council did as well. We miss you, Kip, so much and send condolences to your family. Rest in peace, Brother

Lynne Hancock, USW Communications Department