DOE GLE Announcement

The recent November 10, 2016 announcement from the Department of Energy, Office of Environmental Management, on the agreement to sell depleted uranium to be enriched for civil nuclear power is a positive step.

This is the result of several years of lobbying for additional DOE energy-related projects to be awarded to the DOE-Paducah Site Reservation by various community stakeholders, including especially the United Steelworkers Local 550 Union.

This IS NOT a result of the recent elections, or change of leadership in the KY House of Representatives, or those who are proposing "Right-To-Work" for less in Kentucky, nor any of our current elected officials before they want to spin it, tout it, or lay any associated claim to this announcement, and possible future project.

This is particularly a result of the highly skilled, well trained and educated, safety conscience workforce within our region, who have always successfully stepped up to the plate to complete any challenge, or assignment with honorable results and awards.

Please keep in mind that this announcement, is just the 1st step in a multi-step process in order to make this project, and facility a reality.  There will now be other regulatory requirements that GE-Hitachi GLE must now do, in order for this project to be awarded.  At a minimum, it will take an additional 2-3 years to successfully pass and have certification to locate the project in our region, with 5 to 8 years before a groundbreaking would even occur.  

Please keep in mind that this is also dependent upon the worldwide market spot price of enriched uranium (that has been glutted since the tsunami, and the Fukushima incident in Japan several years ago) in order for GE-Hitachi to have the necessary investors in order to build the facility.