Baptist Hospital Anesthesia Group Not In-Network

Recently one of our represented members, had an outpatient surgery performed.  

After returning home and recovering for a few days, the member received a billing from the Anesthesia Group, for an enormous amount.  The member called their health care carrier, "AETNA", and was shocked to find out that this Anesthesia Group was no longer "in-network" of the health care benefit package, contained in their "LATA-SHARP" Contractor location.

The intent of this notice is to provide notification to ALL of our members, to be sure and call to check if their surgeries, or outpatient surgeries, and any anesthesia is covered, or not.  This will prevent major stress if found out beforehand, and not after.

The second option that you as a worker may have in fact, is to then check and see if the Anesthesia Group who works at Lourdes hospital, accepts, and is "in-network within their Contractor organization health care benefit plans".  This will allow the member patient, the option of still having outpatient surgery performed, just at our other local hospital location.  

IF you have surgery, or out-patient services performed at Baptist Health, you will have no other anesthesia group choice!!!

Remember, it is the responsibility of the member to check and ensure of what services are covered.