UPDATE : 02-08-2019 - "2 Instrument / 3 Operator Tech Job Openings"



NEW IMMEDIATE JOB OPENINGS were announced today (02-08-2019) at Paducah DOE DUF6 facility. 

2 Instrument / 3 Operator Technicians

The Roles and Responsibilities, Job Summaries, and other specific requirements will be found once you have selected the open position that you applying for.

Minimum Qualification Requirements (Education and Experience)

* High School Diploma or GED

Special Requirements and/or Training, if any:

*Position requires satisfactory completion of a physical examination, successful completion of all required training, and drug tests

*Position requires the ability to wear company provided personal protective equipment

*Position requires valid state drivers license

*Position require safe performance of duties through adherence to plant procedures and good work practices

*Position requires following all company policies, rules, and regulations/procedures

*Position requires ability to work as a member of a team and share responsibility

*Position requires professional conduct

*Position requires considerable manual effort

*Position requires ability to work to required specifications

*Position requires ability to obtain and maintain site access


Environmental, Safety & Health Principles

*Responsible for own safety and the safety of others

*Comply with environment, safety, health and pollution prevention regulations, policies and procedures for this position.  Understand the strong nuclear safety emphasis to be placed on the safe management and control associated with depleted uranium hexafluoride, depleted uranium oxide, hydrofluoric acid and associated technologies.

*Committed to an incident and injury free workplace.  Maintains awareness of hazards and controls associate with job assignments.

*Acknowledge that people are fallible, and even the best make mistakes.

*Maintain a questioning attitude and actively anticipate and communicate error-likely situations and failed defenses.

*Do not perform or permit an unsafe act.

*Exercise the responsibility and authority to stop unsafe acts.

Encourage and reinforce the safe behavior of others.


MCS is an equal opportunity employer that recognizes the value of a diverse workforce.  All qualified individuals will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability and/or protected veteran status.

Applicants with 3161 or other preference in hiring status must submit documentation of status via fax to 859-685-9176 within three days of application for consideration.


The following link to DUF6 employment is listed below;




Then "Click On Careers"

"YOU MUST APPLY YOURSELF", IF WANTING To Apply and be interviewed for a JOB Opening!!!

You will need to cut & paste the link above into an Internet browser address bar.  These openings will close at close-of-business on February 15, 2019.